Olivia Hartman

You can call me Livs.

This is my journey of living a life that would make my dogs proud. I am working on simplifying my life and taking more time for me, by not living with things, and start living with heart,

Doof + Bean

Doof and Bean are the nicknames of our rescues. They are our world, and they remind us of lessons we have lost along the way. 

Rufus the Doofus is a calm, gentle soul, with a heavy heart. He was adopted when he was two, and is a professional snuggle. He also suffers from separation anxiety, semi managed through the addition of our wild child. 

Lola Bean was adopted as a puppy from a shelter that was (unbeknown to us) undergoing a parvo epidemic. Her first week as ours was spent in a hospital. Through the power of prayer, and some amazing doctors, she survived. She has been teaching (and testing) patience ever since.  

Self-Care & Hustle

I do not know what I am doing or where I am going, but I know it is with self-care and hustle. I am striving to break the portrayal of perfection, because progress is worth a whole heck more. 

I will try to share all of my pieces, even if they are broken, mended, or hanging on by a thread. So buckle up buttercup, lets go for a walk.